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Precision vs Accuracy

There is a conflict between the manufacturing and simulation engineer, it is precision vs accuracy. You may assume the manufacturing engineer has gone to great effort to insure precision, far less effort to insure accuracy. For example it is important that a 1000C setting gets the same result from lot to lot, it is less …

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TCAD Calibration

TCAD is a term I first heard at a Stanford summer conference on process and device modeling. Originally intended to distinguish process and device modeling from other types of semiconductor simulation. Today it’s use often includes circuit simulation. For the purposes of this website, the original intent is retained. The use of TCAD has come …

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Hand in hand with the earlier discussion of precision and accuracy goes the need for completeness. It’s always amazed me when an engineer is surprised when simplifying a simulation results in predictions that don’t match reality, even when they know that the same change in the actual process would have changed the results. If it …

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I have a button that I really like, it says “Question Reality”. As a person doing simulations, it has an attitude that’s kind of fun. However at the end of the day, it is reality that our simulations must match, if they are to be of any value. While it is generally assumed that measurements …

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